On Day 2, I had to work during the day and had plans at night, so my only Uber opportunities were on my way to and from the office.  Today I decided to use the Trips Toward a Destination feature.  Using this, you’ll only get alerted of riders going towards the same destination you are.  In the morning I didn’t get a rider. However, because I drove 14 miles in, I still earned a $7.63 tax deduction for the mileage.  On the way home I got my third rider.  He was a college kid who just needed to go a couple of miles.  He sat in the front seat and we chatted a while.  He was my only rider today.  Here’s what I earned:

Duration: 8 min 54 seconds

Distance: 1.85 miles

My earnings: $3.89


Not much in earnings, but between the trip to work and back I earned over $15 in mileage deductions.   If  you want to get started as an Uber driver, click here.

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