As soon as I dropped off my first rider, I received an alert for my second rider.  He was also nearby at a restaurant.  I went and picked him up, started the ride in the app, and saw that he was going for a long ride: 31 minutes according to the app.  The rider put on headphones and played on his cell the whole ride.  I made pretty good time and got him there in 26 minutes.  That was quick!  Everyone loves getting to their destination quickly, right?  Here’s what I made from this trip:

Duration: 26 minutes 6 seconds

Distance: 19.34 miles

Earnings: $17.09


I went offline and drove home after that one.  Had I been known better, I would have used the “Fin trips toward a destination” feature.  I’ll cover that in a future post.   If  you want to get started as an Uber driver, click here.

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