Having resolved the issue with the wrong car being listed, I drove to the mall and put myself in online status.  Within seconds I had my first rider alert.  The rider alert tells you how far away the rider is y what their rating is. It does not tell you where the rider is going.  My first pick up was at a store in the mall.  She was waiting outside for me.  Once you pick up the rider, you use the app to start the trip and it tells you where you’re going.  This rider was only going a couple of blocks away.  She said it was too cold to walk and she was right.  She also told me that the app listed my car as tan even though it’s black.  Crap!  I dropped her off, said thanks, and almost immediately got another rider alert.  We’ll get to the second rider in a second.  First, let’s break down the pay on the first rider.  The app gives the details:


Duration: 1 min 38 seconds

Distance: 0.38 miles

My earnings: $3.24


Well, it’s a start!   If  you want to get started as an Uber driver, click here.

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